Meet our Team!

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As we are getting ready for the busy holiday season we took a break to get glammed up and do some real team bonding. One of our favorite photographers Stephnie Messick came and captured us girls having fun and enjoying some quality time with each other. It’s not very often that we are the ones in the chair getting our hair and makeup done but we loved every minute of it! With a great crew of 5, the Morais team is ready to conquer anything!


Linda, CEO

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Linda is a remarkable leader who helps bring together a tasteful winery with delicious wines and also a unique and extraordinary wedding and events venue. Linda herself was Morais’s first bride at the vineyard 12 years ago when it was just the family farm. 6 years later her inspiration and dedication to providing beauty and elegance has turned her farm wedding into a dream wedding venue for any couple to enjoy. Linda is not only a great leader but is a special friend to her team and knows how to run a tight ship.


Venue Team 

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Suzy, Event & Sales Manager

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Suzy has been a part of the Morais Team for over a year and half. She has worked over 40 weddings and has received dozens of raving reviews. Suzy is graduating from Mary Washington University in Spring 2018 and has shown her dedication to Morais through her excellent work.  Suzy has the thrive and passion to accomplish any opportunity that comes her way. With her bubbly personality, she is sure to make your Morais experience wonderful and unbeatable.

Cathy, Venue Coordinator

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Whether it is a wine related question or wedding and events question, Cathy has the answer. Cathy joined the Morais team last August as one of our tasting room associates. A few months later she became one of our venue coordinators and has worked over 20 weddings since. Cathy is a loving and hard-working mother of 4 who is always ready for work and to take on new challenges. With a professional wedding planner certification, Cathy is sure to provide exceptional service to all of our clients.


Winery Team

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Marie, Tasting Room Manager

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Marie is an assiduous mother of 3 with 3 years of winery experience and has helped Morais progress throughout the years. Marie is a wine enthusiast and a people’s person. With marvelous leadership skills she has been a virtue in the tasting room. Liked by all and loved by many, she shows many strengths including her problem-solving skills and her warm and friendly personality.

Liz, Aroma Tasting Room Manager

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Liz is young, motivated and ready to help Aroma thrive. With our newest tasting room in Manassas, Liz is ready to take on the challenges of not only being a leader of the staff but to help expand and prosper Morais’s newest project. Liz graduated from Anderson University in South Carolina with a marketing degree and is using her skills and expertise to provide Morais with outstanding work. She has a passion for working in the hospitality field and enjoys being a part of the Morais Team


5-2 Get To Know The Team

Morais is grateful to have such a hard working and dedicated team. We all work together so that we can provide the best and most exceptional service. With a team this great, we will achieve great things!


Thank you to our wonderful vendors who made this photo shoot happen!

Stephanie Messick Photograhpy | Yiselle Santos Makeup