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Saturated with natural sunlight, multiple vanity seating with LED lighted mirrors, a beautiful armoire, lounge furniture, stunning fireplace, outside terrace, and a french garden, this space is sure to provide a elegant and relaxing oasis for any bride or guest.

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The Groom’s Suite is a restful and private hideaway for the gentleman to prepare or just relax in. This space is equipped with a full bathroom, spacious lounge area, candle lit bar and wine cooler. The guys will be sure to enjoy the seclusion of this space as they prepare for the festivities.

The Romantic and impressive front courtyard with fountain is the perfect location for your guests to spend some time enjoying each other during cocktail hour. This space is perfectly suited with black granite topped iron tables and matching chairs and doubles as the perfect location for a stylistic end-of-event send off.

The side patio is fairly secluded and relaxing location to enjoy a cocktail with the company of friends. The views of vineyards with the setting sun lighting them up as it dips below the tree line are remarkable from this vantage point. The spacious side terrace and conveniently location back terrace are great retreat location to catch your breath after a rousing dance.

Our large industrial kitchen will be your caterers dream come true! It is equipped with high functioning warmers, a huge gas stove, fryer, refrigerator and freezer as well as industrial sinks and dishwasher. All included in the package.

The welcoming Foyer is a grand space to be greeted with upon entering The Palacio. Cream marble floors and elaborate detailing and flanked by the corridor to the restrooms and sweeping staircase to the balcony, it is a central and well used space.

The Balcony offers and experience of The Palacio that is quite surreal. The massive spiraled staircase leading up to it is reminiscent of a fairy tale. The large balcony landing can accommodate up to 50 guests and the views from it are extraordinary! Large window on the back of the space lend a wonderful view of the front patio and fountain. Alternatively the Balcony area can be used as an extension of the bridal suite. I great place to let your closest friend and family sprawl and relax while preparing for the event.

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